Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let the Gauntlet (of Smiley Faces) be Thrown

I wear my Aviators inside the house and two different colored socks. I cut my own bangs and never pass up an underwear sale at Victoria's Secret (like she has any left). I eat Oreo's with milk then sneak to the sink to pour out the leftover because I don't even like milk. I hate ketchup, catsup and all variations. I sing along with the Beach Boys Greatest Hits Vol.1 very loudly, in public, and the same goes for most Disney movie soundtracks. I hate kool-aid and its big red mascot. I don't read instruction manuals. I put things on wrong then have to rummage through the trash for the instruction manual. I think all alcoholic drinks are "yucky" except the tropical ones...when there's no alcohol in them. I read faster than I run from serial killers and if I had to escape from one, I would never throw my favorite book at him as a distraction. I have an awesome list of 100 do's and don't's for evil overlords (that I stole from someone on facebook) for when I rule the southern hemisphere. I can't spell. I think the color blue is over-rated. So is Twilight, Harry Potter and those annoying Percy Jackson books. I have read OR seen the movie for all of those, regretfully.... I love animals just like basically every other girl on the planet. I have the muscle mass of an ant (actual size not ratio). I love bad jokes and I think I'm way funnier than I actually am. I'm afraid of heights. My favorite field trip ever: tower of the Americas. Why? Because I thought I was going to die. If you asked me to describe myself in three words (as I've been asked several times) I would answer with: I don't know.

Hooray for who I am! I don't wear push-up bras or shrink my waist with plastic wrap. Most days I love myself but I still want to fake a freaking awesome diary in case I ever get amnesia.I think Lays are the second best potato chip in the world, right after the generic ever over flavored Winn-Dixie brand (esp the salt and vinegar kind; let me tell you, you have to build up a tolerance for that, otherwise you try to eat a whole bag in one sitting with no prior experience: you might die). Cartoons are awesome. Particularly, the Animaniacs, only two of which I remember by name--Wacko and Dot--if anyone can tell me the third without Google or Wikipedia, ten points for you!

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