Monday, August 22, 2011

Still Wishing I had Tulips, But at least I'm Losing my Bleeding Heart

Bad puns, I know. But I love my craptastic puns. So me and my teacher and her husband made fried green tomatoes and baked tomatoes and squash and we've been boiling some peanuts for about 4 hours now... But they are gonna be GOOD when they are done. Hooray for Mr. R!! :)
So, me and my guy didn't see each other today but we talked a little throughout the day and it was nice. It was reassuring. I think my boss knows that something is up with me; he had a PR meeting today that he didn't go to. I don't know how he knows but he knows I don't like to be alone. I remember one week he had to be gone all week and I was in the office by myself every day and that's ok it's just a few hours a day and I can handle most stuff that comes in by myself but I guess he just knew that wasn't a great week for me. It was like he even felt BAD that he'd had to leave me alone for a little while. Its funny. I mean I can handle a few hours a day sitting in the office, so I don't know why he felt that way but he seemed to be really sorry about it. But anyway he didn't go to his PR meeting (which would have lasted from 9 til like 4:30).
I think I did really well the few times people came in when he wasn't there. I was social and cheery and made conversation, which is great for our PR but just weird for me; I hate being alone but I'm about as social-butterfly-ish as a worm. Not a caterpillar, a worm. By the way, did you know a caterpillar has 228 separate muscles just in its head? Don't even ask me why I know that. But now if you're ever on jeopardy, maybe that will your million dollar question and you'll get it right. :)
And now, while we're waiting two more hours on the boiled peanuts, we're watching Anger Management. Let me warn you, if your having a boiled peanuts craving, just buy a can if the produce stand isn't open.
I should change the name of this post to "I still don't have my tulips and I don't have peanuts either." But I can't because if I do then my crappy puns will make even less sense.

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