Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"CAC is a contributing factor to the technophilia overload in your relationship" says a recent study....

Ok I know that's not fair. I'm not REALLY saying "My guy is in the army and should ditch all his responsibilities to spend time with me." I'm not. All I'm saying is does it have to be ALL THE TIME that we just have--HAVE--to get something done? Can we not have one day, JUST ONE DAY, where we don't argue and we actually turn off the phones and leave the computers alone and ignore family members. Just for a day?

I mean I'm so proud of him. Really I am. Not everybody gets a guy even close to mine. But this week was supposed to be about us. I worked extra so I could take off and he wasn't supposed to have to work (THANK YOU SO FRIKIN MUCH ASHLEY) and we were supposed to spend time together and actually be invovled with each other and not just be online in the same room....

hang on. ill be back.....

Anyway. My plan completely failed. There was no hot chocolate, it didn't rain, I turned off my phone VERY NON-SUBTLEY, he didn't want to share the giant blanket and through the course of three movies, THREE FOLKS, he would hardly touch me at all. No matter how much I hugged up to him. Our just ended conversation was:

Me: You're not going to make me leave as soon as this is over are you?
Him: No. What do you want to do?
Me: I don't care.
Him: *walks over to computer desk and gets online*

Yes. I know. I know he has to get this done. And I realize that things like this take a little while. But come on. I just sat through three movies in the hopes that you would just HUG me or hold my hand or something, SOMETHING and now your on the internet. I get it, I know you have to get that done. But it will just be something else tomorrow that you just HAVE to get done. Then you'll go to work, then Friday it will be something else you have to get done. Then you'll go to work. Then Saturday afternoon it will be something else and then I go back to campus and you sit around at your house when your not at work and play video games or work outside or whatever you feel like doing to relax. And I'm stuck on campus, lonely out of my mind.
His response to my less than enthusiastic response to his immediate departure to internet land was:
We have every weekend after this.
No. No we don't. I will not be home every single weekend and you seem to absolutely HATE coming to the campus. So no. We will not have every weekend. I mean its been almost four years. Would it really be so bad to stop acting like we're the next miserable married couple in line for divorce lawyers because "You never take me anywhere!" and "You just nag, nag, nag!"

And now that he has finally finished his internet project, where is he now you ask?
On the OTHER couch. On his android. Holy CRAP. Ok I'm going to try something. I'm going to post this and turn the computer OFF and just see where this goes.

And I don't want everyone to think that I'm an awful significant other or he's an awful significant other. He's wonderful and I'm just irked....
Ready. Set. Go.

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