Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sex and Other Topics of Conversation

First of all (and ironically enough) I went to church with teach, sis and one man geek squad and as much as the latter two annoyed me with their constant talking, I enjoyed it. It was nice to be a part of community. Especially a part of one that doesn't insist on acting like I'm less important than she is even though I do twice as much. But whatever. The best thing about it, however, was not their innocence but the fact that it was completely Biblical based. The man said nothing that I could not see right before my very eyes right as he was saying it. It was wonderful and full of truth and everyone was very nice and I'm going back tonight.
In other news, my sister/roommate and her one man geek squad boyfriend are pissing me off. Excuse my language please I beg you but I want to just turn around and say "You. Shut the fuck up and if you can't stop screwing around then get a hotel room or go sit in your car but stop screwing around on our closet and playing your obnoxiously played music at night and keeping me awake as if the sound of your computer speakers will cover the sounds of your pathetic sex life. Shut. The fuck. Up. And stop freaking coming in here every day. I get that you don't want to be at home all the time but guess what neither did we so you wanna know what we did? We worked our tails off and got enough money to freaking live on campus and if you would get out of your freaking parents' house then that would solve everybody's problems: you could both go screw off in your room."
Seriously, I profusely apologize for the horrible dirty language but oh my gosh they are so annoying. I'm seriously contemplating killing them and burying them in the flower beds outside. Ok not really but holy freaking crap.
Is this addressed anywhere in The Naked Roommate? I'm not reading that whole thing for this because honestly, it won't shut these two up. They apparently argued with another couple (that they're friends with) because sis and O.M.G.S. thought they were too annoying with the all over each other puppy love. I was like......yaaaaaaah.
Now he's just finished reorganizing her side of the room (that is, after they actually got off the freaking bed. Did I mention it was like 3 PM?!) and he says "I can do your side if you like." First of all, that is OUR desk, not HER desk or YOUR desk and if you messed something up I am going to change it and second of all BAD WORD NO I DO NOT WANT YOU TOUCHING MY STUFF. You already unplugged my alarm clock for goodness knows WHAT reason and you brought your stinking TV the other day. And the music I'm trying to play to drown out the sound of them talking keeps stopping because our internet is being a crack head.

I'm trying not to be a hypocritical jerk by saying bad words about them and then talking about how I'm happy to be able to go to church. And I know that I am. But I dare you to spend as much time with them as I have the last few days. And don't a single one of you mothercussers say "Well just go somewhere else, you don't have to be in there." OK IT'S MY ROOM TOO AND I HAVE JUST AS MUCH OF A RIGHT TO BE IN HERE AS SHE DOES AND MUCH MORE SO THAN HE DOES. ITS MY ROOM, ITS MY FREAKING PLACE OF REFUGE AND SHELTER AND THEY ARE TURNING IT INTO AN ANNOYING WHORE HOUSE AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED CLASSES YET!!

I'm going to try to amuse myself....possibly by being a jackwagon and reorganizing the desk back to the way we had it before genius over here decided to screw around not with just her stuff but with my stuff too.

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