The Name of the Game

So, "Ode to Secret Skye--Composition VII: The Incoherent Autobiography of Love (2nd Motif; 1969)" is quite a mouthful huh? Well, in all honesty, the name is supposed to be that way. I picked it on purpose. I like the sound, the length, the utter over dramatic silliness of it.

I went to a random generator, picked out a few of my favorites and smushed them together. Ta-da!

And for the record, I figured I may as well get this out of the way too:
If you like reading blogs that are one set subject, very regularly written, and written in a very professional manner then you should go to the top of the page and press the "next blog" button.
Or you can look at my reading list. Many of the blogs I follow are pretty cut and dry like that but very good.

Mine, however, are very... sporadic. The entries are good reflections of the name in my opinion. I use it to vent, think through things, put my writing styles to practice, tell the general public about my opinions and ideas, lessen my stress and post several how to project tutorials (some of those are more informative than others). So is this one big diary? No. But it's not exactly NOT one either. If you're having a rainy day and need some kind of project thingy to work on, I have myriads of random hobbies and interests so I'm sure you can find something you're interested in through the posts.

If you're a blogger, post your URL and I'll check it out too. If you're just a reader, I hope you enjoy, but won't take it personally if you don't. Happy typing!

Yep. I did that ^. On paint. Yaaah.