Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unorganized, Nonconstructive CHAOS

So we sallied up and moved in and it has been war, WAR I TELL YOU, all day long. wow. sigh. This place is a mess and I've only been here a few hours but it will be ok. We'll clean later. After we decorate. In a way I'm glad to be back. In a way I'm so dreading that fact that my tummy is in knots. Lover boy helped me move in and get semi-situated and calm and then went off to work and sis and her one man geek squad went to ration supplies. Ok he's not ALWAYS a one man geek squad. We just have issues. And one of my issues is when he walks past the car without saying anything, drives away and come to find out he's parked across the street from the building and I had to walk the entire way and guess what I'm carrying? TWO DUFFEL BAGS. And guess what he's carrying? A TEDDY BEAR, A BEAN BAG, AND A CORK BOARD. And I could have killed him if I'd had laser beam vision. But whatever. I'm over it now cuz he parked my car for me. So yah. Now I've practically given up trying to straighten/clean/decorate/move in since it seems to be a futile effort and I have til Monday anyway. I think I might take a nap.

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