Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I love Tulips (that kiss me)...

So News that makes me jump up and down:
I finally got my photoshop! Hooray! One day I will have a photography bussiness. I just have to be able to afford the camera and all that great expensive stuff.... but at least I've finally gotten my photoshop!
Me and the guy rented movies today and I actually got one I wanted. He's going to like it but he'll never admit it. I don't even care that I have to watch the movies he picked out--asian guy swings sword and priest chases vampires--because at least we'll be doing something together. I know, I know watching TV together isn't really a good involvement activity but I'm excited because I've missed him. We spend more time looking at cell phones and computer screens than we do at each other and I hate that. And yes I know a TV has a screen but I have a secret plan to make hot chocolate and turn up the A/C and cuddle (yes, I said that) under a blanket and act like Im scared of the stupid vampires so he'll hug me. I generally don't like pretension like that but its worth it today. I'd drop my computer AND my cell phone AND my ipod off of a four story building if it would change up the technophilia that seems to have overcome our relationship. :P
It's starting to cool off. Just the teeniest bit. Or maybe it's not and I'm just getting so excited about the fall that I only think its cooling off...

So News that makes me droop:
I saw a freaking awesome kinda vintage looking (but mostly just dirty) bike at the stockyard today and I wanted it soooo bad. Right when I was walking toward the booth to ask the man how much it was, a guy bought it. I'm devasted. I need to buy one but I see no point in paying over $30 for a bike that someone will steal anyway and I LOVED that thing! But I suppose I'll just have to suck it up.
I'm sad because though I at least think it's cooling down it's still to hot to try to go out and plant. This makes me sadder because I found the most gorgeous plants!!!!

These are Black Parrot Tulips and they are the most seductive treasure ever!!

These are Greenland Tulips and I think they are my new favorite flower.

Now, if only they could have a baby :) That would be the prettiest flower in all the land and I would plant fields of them. 100 points and a great big thank you (and some yummy homemade cookies) to the person who know how to genetically cross flowers :D

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