Monday, August 29, 2011

Bi-polar and Other Disorders I Discovered I Have

So I found out today that when I went to that jerk faced doctor a couple years ago, I was right! I was not making up that pain in my chest! I had NO NEED WHATSOEVER for the stupid pregnancy test he gave me! I was having (am still having...) panic attacks. SO THERE MEAN DOCTOR! I WAS NOT MAKING IT UP!  And the bi-polar thing, I'm not that, never thought I was, just is a good description of my day. I got to work out. Freaking yay! I missed the gym soooo much. So I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.
Let me tell you guy: screw losing weight and screw looking good when you're sweaty or whatever it is. Go to the gym and once you get the hang of it you will feel so much better every single day. I released SO MUCH stress and tension and bad feelings and anger and sadness. The gym is a wonderful thing people.
I'll tell you what I do miss though: my lover boy. I do.
I just want to, dare I say it, cuddle. I want to cuddle him to near death.
But I'll see him soon.
Oh, and NEVER call tech support for a problem. I did today. Big mistake. Tomorrow I shall provide links to all the Foamy the Squirrel Tech Support Cartoons and you shall love them!

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