Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm EVOLVING folks!

And I'll tell you what; I'm developing some crappy habits.
I've been procrastinating on my work so much lately that it's all been shit. I turn it all in at the last possible second.
I mean if that's how you do things, cool. That's how you are. But it's not how I am. I just cannot make myself focus on anything worth a crap anymore.
I mean come on.
The only thing I have accomplished in the last few days is watching every episode of My Drunk Kitchen. Which you should look up on youtube because its fucking awesome and I love it. I hate wine. I don't like booze at all but I want to drink with this woman.
That would keep me from writing my paper too.
In fact that's what I'm doing now.
Time to get off the internet.
My Drunk Kitchen
You're welcome.

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