Saturday, February 25, 2012

History Repeating Itself

How cliche of me. I'm very disappointed. I miss the days of my good, punny post titles.

But that's the saying right? That history repeats itself. I thought it was only supposed to happen ever fifty years?
But I guess since the history of mankind is so long, one year is close enough for the life of an individual right?

How long til this crap goes away?
Oh, if you're wondering why I'm not cussing my guts out for a while, I gave up cussing (and fastfood and soda and facebook) for lent. How freaking ironic right? I'm not only not Catholic, I'm technically an agnostic now. Albeit an empirical one. Wow. A public declaration. I'll admit I'm always leaning toward the hope that Christianity is true, but in a tiny little way, I'm not. Anyway, if you care about that part of me, read the other blog.

Moving on.
I'm tired of feeling like this. It colors everything I do orange.
Yes, orange. I don't really want to get into that right now but I'm sure I will later anyway. *sarcasm* I'm sure the suspense is killing everybody. -_-'

Has anyone else noticed how in need we are of a sarcasm font? Really? Of all the people who work with typography, why do we not have that yet?

And I just can't tell if I'm reacting to things because that's how a normal person would react (or how I, at least, would normally react) or if this repetitive era is just putting me way too on edge.


I feel like if I graphed my "moods" over the last six years, it would look like the stock market. In 1929.

Have I mentioned how much I hate my biological?
And since I'm blaming everything on her--like it's useful, productive, or in anyway not b!tchy--let's just all assume she's a Nazi too. Now everybody hates her as much as I do and I feel a little better.

That's stupid.
A. Nazi's are way suckier than my mother. So nobody freak out and act like I'm making light of the holocaust. I can hear it now: "Blogger is anti-semantic!" Holy crap. Because anything a "white" person says is racist and everybody else can just say whatever the heck they want to. I'll go dip myself in butter and cocoa powder and then I can say anything I want.
Anyway, it's my blog so if you want to get pissy, screw off. Otherwise, congratulations! You're one of the few who know how to not take everything seriously and personally because you realize the whole freaking world doesn't revolve around you. Great job.
B. I can't blame her for everything. In fact, I can't blame her for anything. Not really. I mean in a way, sure I can; it's her fault. But, theoretically, I could just move on right?

Forget it. She's a Nazi.

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