Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Need Flowers

And not just the kind in bouquets (although, if LoverBoy wanted to give me some, I would love that, cough cough).
I miss gardening. The one I had at home has been left without my care for so long while I'm at school that it's a complete mess. One of my flowers is almost as tall as the dwarf tree next to it. I don't think I can have a window box on my window here.... It would be sooooo nice, but probably a safety hazard since I'm three floors up and above a landing. Damn.
I think I might do it anyway.
I wish I could garden our lower quad. It's a mess. Completely trashed and nobody even cares. SO MUCH GARBAGE AND EMPTY GRASS! SO MUCH POTENTIAL! I suppose I could pay $10 and get a plot at the community garden down the street but they don't let you grow flowers, just veggies. And I want somewhere I can sit. And read. And pretend I'm not single-handedly ruining my own life by letting that crazy bitch biological of mine get to me so much.
I need flowers. I'm jealous of this awesome home and garden blog that I read almost religiously. It's awesome, you should check it out, by the way, if you like things like that.
I think I'm going to buy the window box and fix it up anyway. The University can screw off.


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