Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Questioning My Motives

So I'm starting to find it ironic that I can't talk about things to the people around me but I can post them on here for the world to see. It almost makes me want to delete my previous posts and redirect the purpose of this blog. But that's the thing. This is the purpose of the blog. And I don't know what else I could do with it.
My other blog, Who are you, God? is doing pretty well (I mean it's not on the New York Times Best Sellers List or anything but I think people are interested; they're reading.) so that makes me happy. And writing it down makes me feel better. I can go back and see where I've come from.
I've wrapped four presents tonight. One for my boss, one for both of my co-workers and one for my brother. When I get home, I need to wrap up the ones from LoverBoy, my little sister and find something for the other brother and Dad. I got Mom a spa gift certificate so I had to give it to her early but I also went and got her an Elvis Christmas record. I need to wrap that too. Did I mention that when I bought it, I also found myself a Duran Duran record? :) I'm so happy. I love records. That's one thing that when my family does it together, we never fight or anything. It's just fun. And in a house with so many people, it's hard to make everybody happy.
Finals are coming up next week... Grrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaat. And now I'm going to go work on some of my study guides before B. and I watch a Christmas movie. :)

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