Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Almost Makes Sense

I've been really lonely these last few days. I'm living with a girl who, a year and a half ago, was my sister and is now nothing but a thorn in my side; I'm stressed out about my final exams; LoverBoy refuses to keep up a conversation--I realize that he's not doing it on purpose but come on, don't say "Call me if you need me" if you aren't going to a) answer your phone when it rings, b)turn it up so you can hear it ring, or c)have it on you in the first place because you sure have it in your hands every time we do anything together-seriously just -and I can't sleep.
Maybe that explains why I'm so ok with putting bits and pieces of my life on the internet. Especially since no one is really reading it much anyway. If I'm not talking to anyone, but I'm obviously talking (or rather, writing) does that mean I have one of the signs of insanity? I suppose I'd have to be answering myself for that to happen though.
...I seriously just answered my own question didn't I? Fabulous. Oh, look. I did it again.
I hate being lonely. I especially hate it because when I'm super lonely and no one is answering their phone, I turn right to this thing, knowing I have nothing important to say. I almost feel bad, like I'm seriously wasting the time of that one loyal reader I have. My silent follower. Poor thing. I'm driving you crazy aren't I? You probably just wish I would shut up and post my recipes when I promise to. I don't blame you. I wish I could do things on time too.
I think I'm going to listen to an audiobook. Yes, I listen to audiobooks. I read too much and strain my eyes all the time so I have to resort to listening, which is actually good for you, mentally. Maybe Wuthering Heights? What am I talking about, of course it's going to be Wuthering Heights.

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