Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Am I?

I don't think it's been that long since I wrote here but in all honesty, I'm not super sure. You haven't missed anything though. I've spent every afternoon with B. and we've had a marvelous time. The only thing is, I'm sooo tired. I feel like I'm going to collapse and just have a narcoleptic attack at any moment. I'm sure boss man would love that. As awesome as he is, I doubt he'd give me any slack for that since it's my own fault to  begin with. I need to work on my deadlines. I just took an English midterm and my history midterm is tomorrow morning. And what are my plans tonight? To try a Coca-Colada (which is coconut rum and coke; I'm really asking for it). No, I'm not going to get drunk, I don't like alcohol. B is convinced he can invent a mixed drink I will like so the Coca-Colada is next on the list.But before that, we're going to the mall and I'm going to buy some more pretty stuff :) (I'm talking about underwear, shhhhhh).
Does anyone out there have a really interesting life? Is anyone a spy? Let's talk about your adventures.

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