Friday, October 14, 2011

More Boring Days

Spanish test. ew. Here's to not bombing it! *glasses clink*
 The debate last night was great. I guess the guy who won kinda made sense but in all honest his argument was seriously lacking. Rebuttal was great but really didn't make up for the bad argument. The two I was betting on made great arguments, somewhat pointless though they were...
One of my friends is getting married in December and she wants me (and JerkFace Sister) to be bridesmaids. Even though I still think she should wait to get married, I've been about as forward about it as I'm going to be and I am happy for her. Somewhat envious even. So now all that's left is to find my nice dress, help get things done, support her, and make sure she's the prettiest person there (which shouldn't be too hard; her dress is gorgeous and she only paid thirty dollars!). I'm excited. I'm heading to the thrift store (don't make that face, thrift stores are God's gift to shoppers) with my mom this afternoon to just look around. I'm excited. :) I'll definitely post pictures!

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