Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Vacations

I haven't abandoned you; I've just been away. I was at a friend's house for a few days. Took a nice hot bath in herbs, had a hair rinse, made a coffee scrub. Lot's of yummy recipes.

I have oily curly hair. My friend has super curly hair. Alabama weather is hell with humidity. This rinse gave me curls minus frizz and no extra hair oil.
 All you need is heat and olive oil.
You'll need enough olive oil to cover your hair. Put it in a cup or bowl, add some herbs (we used sage) for smell goods if you like, and microwave til warm (WARM, NOT HOT). After your scrub and shampoo, work through your hair (more in the bottom, sparingly on top by your scalp and even less so nearer your forehead), let sit five to ten minutes then rinse out COMPLETELY.

Spa tea:
Run some hot bath water and while the tub fills, cut yourself some herbs. We used Sage, lavender and rosemary. Wash and cut, drop into a pestle and mortar (or just chop it up A LOT and crush it together) and break out the coffee filters. Drop a few teaspoons into each filter and pull the ends up into a sachet and bind. We ended up having to staple ours. Drop sachets into the bath, give it a few minutes to mix and step into your spa tea.

Coffee scrub coming soon.

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