Monday, May 21, 2012

I've Been Having Adventures

So yesterday (and shut up, because this is big for me and it was freaking FUN), I went down head first on a water slide and I DID scrape my elbow but it was worth it. I also went on a zip line and today I shot a bow and arrow. So I did something scary awesome (but in my opinon not scary enough to count as marking something off the list) and I got to act like a kid practically all day. I've been taking nice long showers and giving myself facials and get this, Sunday I did my hair, wore a dress and did my makeup. I'm on a role people. And I'm already feeling a bit better. It's nice.
Lousy thing that happened though: the house I wanted to buy for like the last four years, it's going to auction. Which SUCKS. But this week, I'm going to take the sign. In the dark of night, mwahahahaha. No, seriously, I'm not going to steal. That's wrong....
Do police read blog posts over a silly missing sign?

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