Monday, June 18, 2012

ATLA, The Promise & LoK Pt II

I was wrong.
I could not watch anymore of LoK. I tried really, really hard and I made it through TWO more whole episodes. Then I got pissed and quit and just read detailed summaries of the rest of the episodes that have already aired.
I was also wrong about the whole "this couldn't be more american teenage love gush if it was hit with a ten pound sack of oogies" thing.
Ironically enough, Tenzin's flying bison is named Oogie (Can someone PLEASE explain to me how Appa's race has suddenly come back about?) and he weighs what? 10,000 lbs, I believe Sokka estimated once... Well I guess Oogie ran them over because there is this whole DISGUSTING love polygon. Bolin "loves" Korra and Korra "loves" Mako (although she went out with Bolin like a piece of trash) and Mako "loves" Korra and Asami but apparently Asami more. It's garbage. I mean sure, love is something that should be celebrated and it makes for good teen turmoil but are you people kidding me?! Anyway, I can't stand it so I quit. The ONLY clips I looked up on youtube were Korra's flashbacks and Meelo beating up equalists because I figured that would be funny, which it was. I was pleased to see Sokka :) and when Toph called Aang "twinkletoes" I smiled like an idiot. Aang disappointed me with his seriousness. I know that obviously he's forty and junk but he was so fun-loving that I think that was a bad line to give him; they could have at least made him say it laughingly. Anyway, at the end of the flashback, Yakone is sentenced to life in jail (note that he isn't sentenced to death, stupid idea) and when he escapes, Aang still DOES NOT KILL HIM. Now, I would have killed him and anybody else with sense would have killed him but Aang is Aang so he doesn't kill him and I'm fine with that. But why did that make me SO MAD?
In my last post, I was complaining about how The Promise was stupid because it annihilated Aang's and Zuko's characters. This is PROOF that Aang does not have a short fuse and would not kill someone irrationally, not even the most horrible person! So I ask you again: WHY WOULD AANG KILL ZUKO JUST BECAUSE OF A SMALL MISUNDERSTANDING?! HE WOULDN'T! THE PROMISE IS CRAP!
However, I am going to wait impatiently for the pages of the third installment to leak onto the internet and I am going to read them. But if they do not pick up the pace then I am going to riot and refuse to accept anything beyond the last episode of ATLA. Period.

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