Friday, January 6, 2012

And it All Just Keeps on Keepin' On

I've got strep. I've also got tonsillitis. "LoverBoy", whatever, ditched me two nights in a row, then when we got sick I didn't see him yesterday, which is fine. Completely understandable. Today, he's all I'm too sick to drive so somebody's taking me to pick up the medicine (that I went to the doctor and got prescribed for him) and I'm going to bed. So I said "well do you need anything? I don't want you to be alone all day and I feel better so I can pick something up for you or come check on you" and of course not. Then all of a sudden, he's going to his sister's (which is stupid because he's contagious and she has a three year old daughter) and I'm thinking....? Last minute, though he drives over here cuz he cut his arm and wanted me to check it. But he can't drive. But he drove. I asked him the other day "When was the last time you missed me?" No answer. How nice. I'm so sick pof this. Maybe I just shouldn't make any time for him for a while. It's not like he wants to see me that often anyway so either he'll see that he's taking me for granted a bit or he'll be happier without me. I'm not talking about a break, I just mean ignoring the fuck out of him for a few days.
I know I'm being a negatron but holy crap, these last couple weeks, this year so far, it all sucks.

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