Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is Just Funny

 Just thought I'd put up some pictures of Dante :) He was considerably smaller when these were taken less than a month of ago. He's probably tripled in size since we got him (less than two months ago).

He really likes to stick his head out the window. In fact, he really likes to stick the whole top half of his body out the window while I hold on to his tail in a panic.

He also likes to take up all the room on the bed. He's not a very good sharer. As tiny as he was then, he could hog the bed. Now that he's bigger, he hogs everything. He and I especially have issues in regards to the right side of the bed. It's mine, he just doesn't understand that. He thinks it's his and I just don't understand. He usually wins.

When he's asleep, the most adorable thing! Do you think we HAVE to tell him that he's adopted? lol

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