Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Something as Simple as a Sign

We have a whiteboard on our dorm door so we can leave notes for each other, for friends, for people walking down the hall, whatever. Le Douche was all "heart heart heart" on it two days or so ago and our dad is going to a surgeon today to possibly get his foot amputated. I erased the board and wrote "please pray for my dad" and when I got back from work, The Sister (who is from this point on known as the She-Witch) had torn the board off the door, erased what I wrote and put it upside down on a chair in our room. So because you're mad at me because you're acting like a petty bitch, you are going to take it out on our father, not that you know what's going on anyway.
Someone tell me how I'm supposed to be "the bigger person" in this situation....
Anyway, everyone, please pray for my dad.

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