Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blowing in Holes in Smoke

I'm....bored....with life. It's pointless.
What do we do?
We wake up, go to work, sit in a desk, go home, eat, go to sleep.
Oh! The weekend! We wake up, go watch TV, eat, go to sleep.
We "relax." We have "fun days" that we spend buying things, clothes, make-up, furniture, which we use to "decorate" things. Our houses, our kids, ourselves. Maybe we go to a movie or a zoo, we watch other things do things, or we watch other things eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. We do this for seventy years then we die.
Wow. Life is amazing, huh?

Am I the only person who isn't content with this? Is there ANYBODY out there who wants more from being alive?
But honestly, what more is there?
I'm just fucking bored.
Bored isn't a great word, but it's the best I got.
Even with God (if you go for that bit), what's the best he does to spice things up? Send you somewhere hot where you just talk more about him then the average person. At most, you go to jail, get tortured and die early. Not exactly what I'm aiming for here.
God doesn't change this boring existence very much, if at all.

The reason I put this little thought bomb on this blog instead of my other one is because it's just one more thing that I'm looking for answers to that I can't find.

I'm bored with the ways of this life, but what else is there to even search for?

If you're out there, say something. Tell me I'm not the only person who just wants more than this.

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