Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Number Six

6. You know, I know I'm a pain.
I know I complain a lot. In my defense, I don't actually complain as much in real life as I do on here just because I created this thing so I'd have a place to vent but still, it's probably a real drag reading some of my whiny, never-ending, complaints about things that aren't really worthy of complaining about. I can admit that.
And why am I owning this? Because people (whoever you guys are...) are actually reading this. Why does that matter? Because maybe sometimes my life could be better, and maybe I do have some dark secrets, but so does everybody else and are they complain this much? Well, maybe. But either way, I don't have to cry about silly little things all the time. I can enjoy things, so I'm going to talk more about those things. Because in all truth, I'm a pretty lucky woman and I need to appreciate that fact more often.

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